Tomorrow-Ready: d&b audiotechnik pushes the boundaries of audio networking at NAMM and ISE

Friday, 26 January 2024
At both the NAMM Show and ISE 2024, d&b audiotechnik presented a range of next generation audio solutions, all under the banner of the MILAN standard.

Unveiling key d&b MILAN-enabled audio solutions, including the new D90 flagship amplifier.

At both the NAMM Show and ISE 2024, d&b audiotechnik presented a range of next generation audio solutions, all under the banner of the MILAN standard. The new range of MILAN-enabled products that were showcased included the DS20 Audio Networking Bridge, the DS100M Signal Engine and the D90 power amplifier. These new products demonstrate d&b's dedication to driving the industry forward with future-proof technology.

MILAN is the technological cornerstone of d&b's system vision, offering reduced complexity, maximum interoperability, increased redundancy and independence from single suppliers or 3rd party technology providers. Whilst recognising the importance of Dante, d&b's unique offering of both MILAN and Dante underlines its commitment to providing users with a transitional perspective and investment security.

"MILAN represents one of the most significant technological advances in the audio industry, and it's been equally important for d&b to incorporate it. Our commitment to providing these solutions is evident in our approach, allowing users to embrace the future with confidence, while retaining the flexibility to choose between MILAN and Dante."

~ Marcus Rembold, Product Manager DSP & Networks, d&b audiotechnik

The DS20 Audio Network Bridge has been designed to provide a seamless andcost-effective connection between d&b systems and MILAN. Acting as an interface between d&b amplifiers and the MILAN audio transfer protocol, the DS20 boasts impressive technical features including 16 digital AES 3 output channels, 4 digital AES 3 input channels and an integrated, fully AVB capable 5 port network switch for unparalleled flexibility and redundancy.

The DS100M Signal Engine is the MILAN-enabled iteration of the DS100 with Dante. Leveraging the technological prowess of MILAN, the DS100M extends its functionality to provide an expanded range of features. These include more audio channels via MILAN, MADI, word clock inputs and more, making it an essential part of a complete MILAN system for both d&b Soundscape and matrix applications.

Both exhibitions also saw the launch of the D90, d&b's new flagship amplifier. The D90 delivers unparalleled sound quality and performance, increased system efficiency and power saving features which place the D90 at the forefront of advanced amplifier technology. As well as providing maximum loudspeaker performance, it maintains lower internal temperatures at highest output, ensuring long and reliable operation. By incorporating MILAN networking technology, its robust design allows seamless configuration for redundant system setups for audio signal transport, complemented by fallback capabilities for all inputs and device communication.

"Our dedication to understanding and meeting the evolving needs of our users has been key in the development of these new solutions. The DS20, DS100M and D90 are the result of extensive research and innovation. They have been designed to not only meet today's requirements, but to provide future-proof solutions that offer our users unparalleled flexibility, reliability and performance. At d&b, our commitment goes beyond innovation; it's about enabling our customers to embrace tomorrow's technology today."

~ Wolfgang Schulz, Head of Product Management Electronics & Software, d&b audiotechnik

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